Monthly Archives: February 2019

Lilli Gets Wheels


It’s awful to be 12 years old with suddenly no way to get around. Nearly as awful as being that 12-year-old’s parents! Lilli went to the mountain February 2nd and broke both her legs snowboarding. Yes, both. Her legs were cast above the knee, and she was summarily discharged home… with no medical equipment! No wheelchair. No way to shower (or access the bathroom). No way to attend school. No way for both parents to… Lilli Gets Wheels

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The Power of Your Enthusiasm!


Throughout the month of January, REquipment went head-to-head with Catie’s Closet for a $1,000 prize sponsored by MillTown Plumbing, a local business that routinely nominates do-gooder organizations like ours to compete via votes cast at their website. Success hinges on the passion of each nonprofit’s community and social media prowess. We are so proud of all of you for engaging in this fun this month, and propelling us to an exciting nail-biting finish! A sample… The Power of Your Enthusiasm!

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