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DME Is Dignity


In the nursing home, no one thought he could talk. He did it so rarely. A proud African-American father of two school-aged children, “Andre” was in his late 30s when he experienced a series of strokes that resulted in partial paralysis to his left side. He spent two years in a substandard nursing home, leaving bed rarely, silent with resignation. Three months ago, MRC’s Acquired Brain Injury program moved Andre to residential living. Funds available… DME Is Dignity

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Our Big Difference for a Remarkable Little Boy


Recently Dan Perkins, REquipment Donations Coordinator, made a follow-up call to Kelly McDermott, a physical therapist with the Boston Public Schools. Kelly had received a tilt-in-space pediatric wheelchair from REquipment and Dan called to hear how it was going and help troubleshoot any problems or concerns. Kelly has helped many families acquire the equipment their children need through our program, but Dan soon heard this case was special. They decided it was a story to… Our Big Difference for a Remarkable Little Boy

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REquipment and Coronavirus Safety


Folks- I’m writing to let you know that while it’s going to be a while before we can take your donations or deliver your equipment, REquipment is not closed. We are working to get through this period of uncertainty, mindful of how important our services are to individuals and families who need us. Here’s what’s happening: Currently, we are not able to take donations or make deliveries because we do not have access to our… REquipment and Coronavirus Safety

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