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A Big Thank You To George Navin

By eanderson

September 3, 2021

The staff and Board of the REquipment Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program offer a BIG thank you to George Navin for his many years dedicated to medical equipment reuse.

George Navin was the heart and soul of the Pass It On reuse program based in Mashpee, MA.  George opened the program in 1992 to provide durable medical equipment (DME) to children with disabilities and their families/caregivers. Having a young child with a disability using DME he knew the issues families faced with insurers and other funders to get what was needed. So, he decided to create a non-profit to assist in meeting the equipment needs of kids with disabilities. For almost 30 years he provided 1000’s of families with equipment for their children with disabilities.

When REquipment was in its earliest stages in 2015, George offered advice and encouragement. Over the years he referred families to us, and we referred families to him when we couldn’t meet an equipment need.

The doors to PIOC officially closed on August 15th . George says his inspiration for the program, his daughter Lindsey, is now 36 years old and needs a little more TLC.  We wish Lindsay and George all the best.