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Biogen’s TeamBonding Benefits REquipment!

By eanderson

August 26, 2017

REquipment, Inc. was the happy recipient of 8 brand-new manual wheelchairs last week from Biogen, a Cambridge-based company innovating medical therapies for people with neuromuscular diseases, such as ALS. Our donations coordinator, Ken MacDonald, and I had an opportunity to speak with 86 Biogen employees who built the wheelchairs as part of a daylong team-building exercise.

We let them know that manual wheelchairs are the most requested piece of medical equipment that REquipment receives. Last year we gave away 225 manual wheelchairs to those needing them for their primary means of mobility!

a new manual wheelchair

The event was coordinated by TeamBonding, which routinely uses the activity of organizing employees into wheelchair-building teams as a way of cultivating team spirit and cooperation. All told, 16 wheelchairs were built that day, 8 for REquipment and 8 for the ALS Association MA chapter in Norwood (which also runs a small reuse program).

What a great way to build camaraderie while making a real difference to local communities!

A large group of employees outside lined up with wheelchairs, some seated, some standing and talking to one another.