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Durable Medical Equipment Donations Update

By eanderson

March 12, 2024

A Man with a power wheelchair with more wheelchairs behind him.
Jim Smith in the Worcester reuse center.

Thank you, everyone, for understanding our need to temporarily suspend durable medical equipment (DME) donations. We continue to be overwhelmed with warehouse space and storage units packed with equipment. As we refurbish and list items, we will gain some breathing room. If you’re waiting for that reopening moment, it will be another few weeks.

In the meantime, we hear you about how this is a valuable part of our service.

A few observations:

Our donation moratorium is especially difficult if you are living on a fixed or low income. You may not have the space to keep equipment you are no longer using, and you may not have a way to transport it to a solid waste facility if that is the only option. There may also be a fee associated with disposal. Then there’s the disappointment of not being able to help someone else. DME donations are an opportunity to give, and you know how your equipment can make a big difference for a community member. We understand this is so difficult.

Our donation moratorium is also frustrating for people with means. You may have purchased unique and very valuable equipment for an older family member or a child with disabilities, equipment that is rarely covered by insurance. It may have seen little use or still be new-in-box; it’s upsetting to learn we can’t take it.  Reselling takes work and may not feel right in the wake of a loved one’s death. It’s also hard to find the right home for unique equipment and doing so can take time.

Our program is unusual and essential for obvious and less-than-obvious reasons. We are not an emergency service, but we do transport DME, which most programs do not. During this period, we are directing people to our Reuse Resource List for smaller programs in Massachusetts that may accept what you have. If they can’t take it or you cannot deliver it, perhaps wait until we reopen.

Please remember that smaller assistive technology devices are still needed and appreciated. Review what we accept and don’t accept, and fill out our online donations form for appropriate items you’d like us to reassign.

As always, thank you for your generosity and care for your community. And if you need a device, please search our inventory! Listings are updated multiple times each month.

We will keep you posted as we re-open for your DME donations.