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Lean Without the Mean — Our FY23 Highlights

By eanderson

February 29, 2024

Perhaps you’ve seen our memes on Facebook? REquipment is spreading the word about last year’s accomplishments in time for this year’s budget-making season. Here, we bring together some of these highlights and explain our sense of urgency.

The governor’s FY25 budget proposal is missing $500,000 for REquipment.

These are essential “annualization” funds for our program. We need the House and Senate proposals to fully fund the 4120-4000 account (at $14,395,864) and restore our $500,000 earmark so we can provide the same level of services. Already, we are lean and mean, as Program Director Dan Perkins puts it, “without the mean.”

REquipment’s online inventory makes it possible for anyone in Massachusetts to browse and acquire what they need free of charge.  This makes us look like a centralized operation. In reality, we coordinate regional partnerships, and our administrative staff works from home. What we accomplish is extraordinary.

Free equipment is delivered statewide to whoever needs it.

We can’t afford a $500K cut.

112 power wheelchairsLast fiscal year, we provided an astounding 112 power wheelchairs to Massachusetts residents. Did you know REquipment is the only reuse program in Massachusetts to refurbish power wheelchairs? Each is free and delivered with new batteries.

Because we provide this service, people who need a power chair but cannot get one or people who are waiting months for a repair can stay mobile. No insurance or doctor’s orders are necessary. Last fiscal year, we diverted 45 tons of equipment from solid waste facilities. Power wheelchairs are a big part of that story. And some are worth tens of thousands of dollars.

509 manual wheelchairs.REquipment also provided 509 manual wheelchairs. This is our most requested device. Manual wheelchairs range from complex tilt-in-space pediatric models to adult transport chairs and everything in between. They keep people out of bed when their primary chair is broken and out for repair. They help people leave the hospital or rehab. They keep kids safe on the bus. They are a temporary need or a permanent solution.

REquipment also provided 208 shower chairs and 120 bath benches. Did you know Medicare does not provide safety equipment for the bathroom? If you need a shower chair, check out our site! Bathroom safety saves lives and healthcare dollars.

REquipment also provided 195 rollator walkers and 112 sling lifts.  All told, 1,590 pieces of home medical equipment valued at $2.47M were distributed statewide in FY23. 50% went to persons under age 65.

REquipment provided $2.47M worth of durable medical equipment statewide in FY23.

195 rollator walkers

Our devices are not loaners. They are yours to keep. We ask for $20 if we deliver, and we can waive that fee if it’s a hardship.

We are lean without the mean.

Contact your state representative and tell them why REquipment is a budget priority.

Donate $25 to help buy new power wheelchair batteries.

Read our FY23 Annual Report