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Lilli Gets Wheels

By eanderson

February 13, 2019

It’s awful to be 12 years old with suddenly no way to get around. Nearly as awful as being that 12-year-old’s parents!

Lilli went to the mountain February 2nd and broke both her legs snowboarding. Yes, both. Her legs were cast above the knee, and she was summarily discharged home… with no medical equipment!

No wheelchair.

No way to shower (or access the bathroom).

No way to attend school.

No way for both parents to go to work!

Luckily Lilli’s mom, Leigh, knew to reach out to our durable medical reuse program. Program Director Jen Baker soon contacted all of our REquipment reuse sites and located…

A tub transfer seat for bathing.

An elevated toilet seat.

And a wheelchair sized for Lilli!

We delivered the equipment last Wednesday. Lilli is expected back at school, fully mobile, today. Needless to say, everyone is relieved.

Girl in wheelchair smiling and pointing holding small dog and wearing two above-knee casts.
Especially Lilli!

Do you need refurbished durable medical equipment? Email us at or call 1 800 261 9841.

If you have durable medical equipment or funds you’d like to donate to REquipment, learn how at our home page.

small dog with big ears looking up at the camera while seated in Lilli's wheelchair.