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Pay it Forward This Giving Tuesday

By eanderson

November 27, 2023

A little boy smiles seated on an adaptive tricycle on a sunny day in his driveway.
A REquipment adaptive tricycle brings smiles.

Happy Giving Tuesday to our wonderful REquipment community! This is an opportunity to give thanks to all of you and ask for your continued support.

Last year, with the generous help of REquipment’s donors, our program provided 1,588 pieces of durable medical equipment across Massachusetts. That’s $2.47 million in devices that found a second life. REquipment devices assisted people of all ages to maintain or gain independence, spend time in their community, get to work or school, and stay safe at home.

Some, like this little boy above, also had a whole lot of fun.

In FY23, we refurbished and gave away 509 manual wheelchairs, 208 shower chairs, and an astounding 112 power wheelchairs.

We are the only reuse program in Massachusetts to refurbish power wheelchairs, and only financial support can make that service possible. Power chairs require new batteries and technical expertise. They also get people back into their communities.

A black woman smiling seated in a power wheelchair in an exhibit hall.
Lisa at Abilities Expo in Boston using her REquipment-provided power wheelchair.

“Just knowing this service exists is a comfort. Even if you don’t use it for 6 months or a year, even if you have everything that you need, just knowing that if you need something, the service is there. If I had to rely on insurance for everything, Oh my god! I’d be a crazy lady.”   — Nicole, parent of Carlie (age 3), Somerville

REquipment is a safety net for individuals, families, care providers, therapists, and even major medical centers. We are the last stop when people have no other recourse. And we are the first stop when the need is sooner than insurance can possibly provide.

Thank you for making all of this possible. Thank you for trusting us with your equipment needs and for remembering REquipment when you have durable medical equipment and assistive technology that you are no longer using.

Giving Tuesday is tomorrow, November 28th. It’s an opportunity to help us get more equipment out of storage and into the hands of the people who need it.

Thank you for your ongoing financial support.

$300 buys batteries for a power wheelchair.
$60 buys a pair of manual wheelchair armrests.
$13 buys a gallon of Simple Green disinfectant.
Every gift makes a difference.

Make a financial gift to REquipment, Inc.