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Roxanne Haecker Finds Power With REquipment

By eanderson

May 24, 2017

REquipment was pleased last month to make a big difference in the day-to-day mobility of Roxanne Haecker. Roxanne is the Director of Education and Workforce Development at Roxbury Tenants of Harvard.  She called us in March, explaining she has a spinal cord injury, and that she’s in need of a power wheelchair to get back and forth to work. Accustomed to using a manual chair, Roxanne was lately finding it was more and more difficult to get around. “I actually had to ask for help more than a few times when it was windy or when I left work late in the evening,” she told us.  A power wheelchair, she suspected, would give her back her independence and peace of mind.

In April we received the donation of a Hoverround powerchair.  Having never used a power wheelchair before, Roxanne was initially hesitant. “I was a little afraid of the chair at first, afraid whether I would be a crazy driver and crash into things or if the battery would die and  I’d get stuck somewhere.”  Now, a month later, Roxanne is a happy powerchair driver. “None of those things happened! I am using the chair every day to go back and forth to work, and it has made my life so much easier!”

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Two women, one standing and one seated in a manual wheelchair
Karen Langley with Roxanne Haecker