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The Awesome Foundation Recognizes REquipment!

By eanderson

August 15, 2018

Grant winner. Awesome Foundation.

We are thrilled to report that last month REquipment was awarded $1,000 from The Awesome Foundation for our “Buy a Battery–Give Independence” project. The funds will allow us to put new batteries in 5 to 6 donated power wheelchairs and make them available to people who need mobility. What could be more awesome?

Every year REquipment receives donations of valuable powered mobility equipment. The DME is worth many thousands of dollars and it’s ironic if we have exactly the device an individual needs–this is specialized equipment–but can’t pass it along for lack of batteries. That’s when financial donations and grants become essential to keeping our neighbors moving!

Last year, REquipment refurbished and gave away 142 power wheelchairs and 28 scooters and every device received new batteries. We spent close to $24,000 on batteries, one of our program’s greatest expenses.

The Awesome Foundation awards $1000 a month to different groups and causes around the world. We are honored to be a part of their effort.

If you’d like to buy a battery and provide independence for a REquipment community member, please make a financial donation to REquipment. It feels awesome!