FY25 Budget Update

Help prevent a devastating $500K cut to the REquipment program next fiscal year

June 12th, 2024

The Conference Committee of the Massachusetts Legislature is currently deciding the fate of Amendment 464, which maintains our funding. Please call or email your state representatives and senators and ask them to advocate for Amendment 464. Every contact is important, but if your rep is one of the six conference committee members listed below, this is an especially urgent ask!

Find your state legislators

Here is a suggestion for what to say or email:

“I’m [calling or writing] Senator [NAME or Representative NAME] to urge them to please include Amendment 464 in the state budget bill for FY25. This amendment prevents a devastating cut to the statewide reuse program for durable medical equipment. DME reuse is critically important to the well-being of people with disabilities, seniors, children, and families across Massachusetts, and it supports the planet. We can’t afford a $500,000 cut to DME reuse.”

Here are the most critical calls to make:

For constituents in the Fall River area –

Senator Michael J. Rodrigues
Senate Ways and Means Chair
Phone: (617) 722-1114

For Woburn, Arlington, Burlington, Billerica, Lexington –

Senator Cindy F. Friedman
Senate Ways and Means Vice Chair
Phone: (617) 722-1432

For Duxbury, Hingham, Hull, Marshfield, Norwood, Scituate, Weymouth, Cohasset –

Senator Patrick M. O’Connor
Assistant Minority Leader
Phone: (617) 722-1646

For downtown Boston –

Representative Aaron Michlewitz
House Ways and Means Chair
Phone:(617) 722-2990

For Essex, Manchester by the Sea, Gloucester –

Representative Ann-Margaret Ferrante
Phone: (617) 722-2380

For Brimfield, Holland, Wales, Ware, Sturbridge, Warren –

Representative Todd M. Smola
Phone: (617) 722-2100