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Make A Powerful Donation


Since July 2020, we’ve given away over 134 refurbished power wheelchairs, the most expensive items in our inventory. New, these power chairs range from $5,000 (basic models) to $45,000 (custom configurations). As you can imagine, giving away equipment this expensive makes a remarkable difference in the lives of people who request it. The challenge now is to keep pace with device donations and demand. Our technicians spend most of their time evaluating, inspecting, repairing, cleaning, and testing each power… Make A Powerful Donation

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Thinking About COVID


At a Central MA. legislative forum in late January, Senator Harriette Chandler asked the agencies present, “What are you doing about COVID?”  Thinking that she wanted to know what protocols and practices we have put in place, I proceeded to tell her about our no contact deliveries, quarantining donated equipment off site for 7-10 days and cleaning regimes.  She said, “No, I want to know about what you are doing to get the people you… Thinking About COVID

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Welcoming 2021


I, like almost everyone else, am happy to see 2020 go. Even though the pandemic is still at a peak, there is some hope with the vaccines rolling out this past week that an end is in sight for 2021.  Next step is to get every American, who wants and is able to receive the vaccine, one for free. I am very hopeful for the DME Reuse Program as we enter the new year as… Welcoming 2021

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Help Keep REquipment’s Doors Open Through The New Year


October of 2020 was an excellent month for REquipment!  We delivered 135 refurbished and sanitized DME devices to our neighbors across Massachusetts. These included 40 manual wheelchairs, 8 power wheelchairs, 7 scooters, and 24 shower chairs: devices that make it possible for individuals of all ages with disabilities, as well as seniors and veterans, to get around in their homes and communities with independence and confidence. We couldn’t be prouder to be serving Massachusetts communities… Help Keep REquipment’s Doors Open Through The New Year

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REquipment Supports Food Security on the Cape


REquipment is delighted to announce a new partnership with the Cape Organization for the Rights of the Disabled (CORD’s) Mobile Food Pantry. The Mobile Food Pantry serves thousands of residents with disabilities who can’t get to food pantries on the Cape. CORD and REquipment are joining forces to spread the word about their essential services for individuals with disabilities. CORD is the independent living center that serves individuals with disabilities on the Cape and Islands.… REquipment Supports Food Security on the Cape

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REquipment Hits $10 Million Milestone!


This past month REquipment Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Reuse Program hit an important milestone. Since our program was first piloted in 2013, we have now refurbished and delivered over $10 million worth of durable medical equipment to seniors, people with disabilities including children and veterans, and those with a temporary need throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. How many devices does this add up to? 5,535 power and manual wheelchairs, scooters, standers, lifts, rollators, bathroom devices,… REquipment Hits $10 Million Milestone!

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The Power of a Wheelchair and REquipment!


A power wheelchair was recently donated to REquipment with an anonymous note intended for the next user. Get out your tissues and never underestimate the power of a wheelchair (or a reuse program!)  To the recipient of this chair: I am truly sorry about the circumstances in which you find the need for this chair. I can only hope it brings you as much enjoyment, comfort, and peace of mind as it did for my… The Power of a Wheelchair and REquipment!

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Effective Immediately — REquipment’s Budget is Cut 80%


With sadness, I regret informing everyone that we are reducing our service capacity effective July 1st and for an undetermined length of time.  The state of Massachusetts is behind this budget-making season and the state’s fiscal year ends June 30th.  Our funder, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, can only commit to a 6-month contract and at a significantly reduced amount from last fiscal year. The net result is an 80% reduction in REquipment’s funding. As you… Effective Immediately — REquipment’s Budget is Cut 80%

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REquipment’s Covid-19 Update – Good News!


It’s been almost four weeks since we last delivered DME due to the novel coronavirus outbreak. I’m writing to report that as of yesterday we are again making deliveries from our Worcester location. We are not yet accepting many donations, but we are making progress toward providing more services. Here’s how this is rolling out: REquipment is an “essential service” – Yay! Recently the state determined REquipment provides an “essential service” and can, therefore, remain… REquipment’s Covid-19 Update – Good News!

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DME Is Dignity


In the nursing home, no one thought he could talk. He did it so rarely. A proud African-American father of two school-aged children, “Andre” was in his late 30s when he experienced a series of strokes that resulted in partial paralysis to his left side. He spent two years in a substandard nursing home, leaving bed rarely, silent with resignation. Three months ago, MRC’s Acquired Brain Injury program moved Andre to residential living. Funds available… DME Is Dignity

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