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REquipment and Coronavirus Safety


Folks- I’m writing to let you know that while it’s going to be a while before we can take your donations or deliver your equipment, REquipment is not closed. We are working to get through this period of uncertainty, mindful of how important our services are to individuals and families who need us. Here’s what’s happening: Currently, we are not able to take donations or make deliveries because we do not have access to our… REquipment and Coronavirus Safety

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Team Bonding with Dalkia Solutions


Last week, 130 employees of Dalkia Solutions ended their regional training with a team bonding event that will make a big difference for the REquipment program inventory. Thirteen groups of ten assembled new manual wheelchairs from boxes of component parts. They then held a relay race, maneuvering the chairs through an obstacle course egged on by cheers and popular music. The winners won bragging rights. The chairs were donated to REquipment. Needless to say, I… Team Bonding with Dalkia Solutions

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Position Openings at REquipment DME Reuse!


REquipment Durable Medical Equipment Reuse Program, Inc. has two positions open. A full-time Site Coordinator/Technician at the Canton Reuse Partner site and a part-time Technician/Cleaner at the Worcester Reuse Partner site. The Canton Site Coordinator position is 37.5 hours per week. $18/hour. Accrued vacation and sick time. No health benefits. For more information go to the Canton posting on ZipRecruiter. The Worcester Technician/Cleaner is 24 hours per week. $15/hr. Accrued prorated vacation and sick time.… Position Openings at REquipment DME Reuse!

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Hands-on Service Learning with REquipment!


High school students are learning about more than electronics in Rochester. Last February, REquipment was contacted by Dan Brush, an electronics engineering instructor at the Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical School in Rochester, MA. Dan was reaching out because his students had just repaired a donated scooter. He was looking for help finding it a new home and sharing the cost of repairs. I was excited to learn of high school students eager to fix… Hands-on Service Learning with REquipment!

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New Video! REquipment Changes Lives


REquipment is delighted to announce the release of our latest promotional video: REquipment Changes Lives. The video was shot and produced by high school film student Atticus Phinney-Anderson to help get out the word about the importance of durable medical equipment reuse. Thank you, Atticus for a wonderful job! Many thanks as well to JoJo who generously shares his story as a REquipment power wheelchair recipient and also to Joe Tringali, Stavros CIL Program Director,… New Video! REquipment Changes Lives

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A Wheelchair for Dialysis?


Readers! Thank you for sharing with us how REquipment improves your quality of life and health. Recently we received a letter from Paul Provencher that taught us something new. “I am at the hospital sometimes 5 days a week for dialysis and doctors appointments,” Paul writes. “Before receiving the wheelchair, my wife would have to park, get out and hopefully find a wheelchair, nevermind one that works. Not to mention when was the last time… A Wheelchair for Dialysis?

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Got Warehouse/Storage Space?


We are busting at the seams and it’s a wonderful dilemma to have. Thank you! Because, clearly, the word is out. REquipment is a great place to bring your gently-used but no-longer-needed DME. We help families find appropriate homes for equipment that once made a big difference (or was rarely used) in their households. Sometimes this is an emotional decision. Sometimes it’s just a relief to know what to do with these devices. Regardless, everyone… Got Warehouse/Storage Space?

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Announcing the return of our ONLINE inventory! Regular users of the REquipment reuse program were acutely aware that our inventory of refurbished durable medical equipment (DME) was offline from December 1, 2018, to April 1, 2019. Why were we down for so long? Hosting of our inventory’s database was required to be transferred to a HIPAA-compliant hosting agency to protect the personal information of people requesting devices. The process to find a host agency and… WE’RE BACK!


Why We Do What We Do–The Amazing Story of Tom and Tommy Barnard


Pressure injuries are common and too often life-threatening for users of wheelchairs. We are thrilled our program played a critical healing role for the Barnards. We always say REquipment helps people stay safe and independent at home and in their communities. This story goes so much further. Tom Barnard Sr. received a sit-to-stand manual wheelchair from REquipment last year. His son, Tommy Jr., recently emailed to let us know the extraordinary impact the device has… Why We Do What We Do–The Amazing Story of Tom and Tommy Barnard

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Lilli Gets Wheels


It’s awful to be 12 years old with suddenly no way to get around. Nearly as awful as being that 12-year-old’s parents! Lilli went to the mountain February 2nd and broke both her legs snowboarding. Yes, both. Her legs were cast above the knee, and she was summarily discharged home… with no medical equipment! No wheelchair. No way to shower (or access the bathroom). No way to attend school. No way for both parents to… Lilli Gets Wheels

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