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Got Warehouse/Storage Space?


We are busting at the seams and it’s a wonderful dilemma to have. Thank you! Because, clearly, the word is out. REquipment is a great place to bring your gently-used but no-longer-needed DME. We help families find appropriate homes for equipment that once made a big difference (or was rarely used) in their households. Sometimes this is an emotional decision. Sometimes it’s just a relief to know what to do with these devices. Regardless, everyone… Got Warehouse/Storage Space?

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Announcing the return of our ONLINE inventory! Regular users of the REquipment reuse program were acutely aware that our inventory of refurbished durable medical equipment (DME) was offline from December 1, 2018, to April 1, 2019. Why were we down for so long? Hosting of our inventory’s database was required to be transferred to a HIPAA-compliant hosting agency to protect the personal information of people requesting devices. The process to find a host agency and… WE’RE BACK!


Why We Do What We Do–The Amazing Story of Tom and Tommy Barnard


Pressure injuries are common and too often life-threatening for users of wheelchairs. We are thrilled our program played a critical healing role for the Barnards. We always say REquipment helps people stay safe and independent at home and in their communities. This story goes so much further. Tom Barnard Sr. received a sit-to-stand manual wheelchair from REquipment last year. His son, Tommy Jr., recently emailed to let us know the extraordinary impact the device has… Why We Do What We Do–The Amazing Story of Tom and Tommy Barnard

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Lilli Gets Wheels


It’s awful to be 12 years old with suddenly no way to get around. Nearly as awful as being that 12-year-old’s parents! Lilli went to the mountain February 2nd and broke both her legs snowboarding. Yes, both. Her legs were cast above the knee, and she was summarily discharged home… with no medical equipment! No wheelchair. No way to shower (or access the bathroom). No way to attend school. No way for both parents to… Lilli Gets Wheels

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The Power of Your Enthusiasm!


Throughout the month of January, REquipment went head-to-head with Catie’s Closet for a $1,000 prize sponsored by MillTown Plumbing, a local business that routinely nominates do-gooder organizations like ours to compete via votes cast at their website. Success hinges on the passion of each nonprofit’s community and social media prowess. We are so proud of all of you for engaging in this fun this month, and propelling us to an exciting nail-biting finish! A sample… The Power of Your Enthusiasm!

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Better Mobility for Kids with Wheelchair Works for Haiti


Ordinarily, REquipment serves Massachusetts. We provide donated, refurbished durable medical equipment to individuals with disabilities statewide at no charge. When requests come from beyond Massachusetts, our policy is to make equipment available that has remained listed in our inventory for 90 days (occasionally we provide DME for national disaster relief efforts, too). This year we were delighted to see three of our wheelchairs take a very special trip: to clinics for children in Port Au… Better Mobility for Kids with Wheelchair Works for Haiti

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Guest post: My Limitless Potential


My name is JoJo and I acquired a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in April of 2017. I was in a nursing home until my doctors could get me a wheelchair to use to get home. Shortly after returning home, my family and I realized that due to the impact the TBI has had on my ability to move my arms, the manual wheelchair was not going to work for me. My family and I searched everywhere… Guest post: My Limitless Potential

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No Time to Slow Down–A Power Chair for Frances Crowe


Last week I received an email from Tom Filiault, the DME Reuse Site coordinator at Stavros CIL in Amherst. The email included a picture of an elderly woman, Frances Crowe, who’d recently received a refurbished power wheelchair from REquipment, our durable medical equipment reuse program. In the photo, Crowe is beaming with Bob Blain, a Stavros delivery driver, in front of a large portrait of Sojourner Truth (the abolitionist and fugitive slave). Crowe wears a… No Time to Slow Down–A Power Chair for Frances Crowe

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A Different Year at Abilities Expo


This was a different kind of year for REquipment at Abilities Expo Boston. The Expo is an annual event with workshops and technologies on display for people with disabilities, everything from adapted play equipment and robotic technologies to the latest in mobility devices. As a reuse program, we don’t always fit in with all the cutting-edge gadgets that most people attend to see. But we’ve always had a great reception and a wonderful time explaining… A Different Year at Abilities Expo

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REquipment Doubles Device Donations!


REquipment celebrated its 5th anniversary in fiscal year 2018 and crossed an important milestone with statewide outreach. We more than doubled device donations to the program! In 2017, REquipment received gently-used DME from 369 individuals or entities, amounting to 453 devices. During 2018, we received 1,176 devices from 636 sources. This amounts to a 160% increase in devices donations and a 72% increase in device donors. We have two reasons for such success. The first… REquipment Doubles Device Donations!

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