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Eager for a Scooter? Perhaps Think Twice …

By eanderson

May 17, 2023

A red mobility scooter with basket.

We often hear from people looking for a scooter in our inventory. No wonder. Scooters can be great; they allow longer-distance travel if a user has trouble walking, assisting drivers in getting out into their community, running errands, and socializing.

But owning a scooter requires careful consideration. Before you take on equipment that may be hard to maneuver or care for, read on. Thank you, Dan Perkins, REquipment Program Director, for informing these scooter insights.

Do you know where you’ll store it?

Scooters cannot be stored outside. They require a dry heated environment.

Do you have a way to charge it?

Scooters must be plugged in each evening and unplugged each morning.

Can you transport it, if necessary?

Scooters are lighter than power wheelchairs, but they are still heavy. They require two batteries, each weighing over 30 lbs.

Will a scooter be comfortable for you?

Scooters do not provide postural support and cannot accept specialized cushions. They also require a driver with the strength and dexterity to steer and operate the controls.

Will a scooter help or harm your health?

Not everyone thrives using a scooter without postural support, and health issues may become exacerbated. Transitioning from walking to riding may also cause weight gain and a reduction in stamina.  Discuss any scooter plans with your physician or physical therapist.

If you’re a good scooter candidate, learn more about how to choose a suitable device. Download Considerations for Choosing a Scooter, recently revised for our website.

Do you have a scooter to donate? Please let us know. Scooters are often requested but infrequently donated. Be confident a scooter is suitable for you before removing one from our inventory. For the right person, they can be life-changing.

REquipment received a $50 online donation … “In memory of my dad, Harold Kams, who found independence and joy in his last year of life with the red scooter from REquipment.”