About REquipment

Each year, hundreds of Massachusetts residents donate the home medical equipment and assistive technology they no longer use to REquipment. The devices are refurbished and reassigned to older adults and individuals with disabilities, including children and veterans.

People who request devices have chronic or newly acquired disabilities, limited or no insurance, a temporary need for a device due to an accident or illness, or their primary device is under repair. Half of REquipment’s device recipients are under the age of 65.


“I cannot thank you enough. The pieces of equipment I have been able to get from your program have made it possible for me and my family members to care for my husband of 48 years in our own home. There could be no greater gift!” — L & S

First piloted in Greater Boston, REquipment has reassigned more than 10,000 durable and home medical equipment items statewide since 2014. As of 2023, more than $16.6 million worth of devices—from power wheelchairs to shower benches — have gone to people of all ages throughout Massachusetts.

REquipment also diverts tons of equipment from solid waste facilities — 45 tons in fiscal year 2023 alone.


“I am happy I found your company. For YEARS I used to toss all this stuff in a dumpster because I could not find a home for any equipment that obviously can be reused.” — Tom Higgins, Assistant E.D. for Resident Services Assisted Living Center, Salisbury