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Every Day is Earth Day at REquipment

By eanderson

April 22, 2024

A young Black woman cleaning a power wheelchair in a warehouse surrounded by durable medical equipment.
Cera Fredette, REquipment Technician, cleaning a power wheelchair in Worcester.

45 Tons

Perhaps you’ve seen this figure on Facebook. (We’ve been boasting it often.) REquipment diverted 45 tons of valuable, durable medical equipment from disposal in FY23.

But how do we know?

It’s actually not that difficult. 45 tons is the sum of the average weight of each device type multiplied by the number of those items that we found a new home for in FY23.

Here’s how it broke down last year:

Item Ave. Weight (lbs.)  Quantity Total 
Power wheelchair 358 112 40,096
Manual wheelchair 62.5 509 31,812
Stander 110 31 3,410
Shower chair 5 208 1,040
Power scooters 122 33 4,026
Rollators 22 195 4,290
Positioning/seating 20 15 330
Portable ramps 40 16 640
Gait trainers 43 37 1,591
Bed Rails 10 1 10
Bath Benches 13 120 1,560
Adapted Strollers 45 28 1,260
Total 90,065 lbs.

An average of 246 lbs. per day makes every day Earth Day at REquipment!

Often, we hear how important preventing waste and preserving the environment is to you. There was the man who explained,  “I have a real problem throwing this kind of thing away that someone else can use.” And the woman who admitted, “I can afford to buy it, but then what? That’s just more stuff headed to the landfill.”

We hear you, and that’s why we’re here: to ensure people get what they need and prevent the disposal of devices that enhance independence, quality of life, and safety in and out of the home.

Unfortunately, since the middle of February, we’ve had to close to donations because our storage space is full. We are working to consolidate storage units and create capacity to reopen. The best way to keep up with our donations moratorium is by visiting our Donations webpage. There, we post what we are taking. We are currently accepting donations of assistive technology only.

donate refurbish reuse logoThank you for understanding and for your dedication to keeping useful and often expensive equipment from scrap metal piles. If you can wait for our reopening, we will do our best to get to you soon. In the meantime, we are busy refurbishing a backlog of donations. Truly, they represent an outpouring of love for our community and planet, and we are so grateful.

You make every day Earth Day at REquipment.