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Going the Extra Mile in Amherst

By eanderson

October 16, 2023

Last month, our REquipment program partner, Stavros Center for Independent Living, received a formal thank you letter for services provided by Hector Lebron and Brian Sullivan. Hector is our partner site coordinator in Amherst, providing gently used, durable medical equipment and assistive technology to individuals and families. Brian Sullivan is the site’s equipment technician, helping to refurbish and sanitize equipment.

Two men stand smiling for the camera.
Hector Lebron and Brian Sullivan at Stavros

In Amherst, Stavros is a great location for REquipment’s services because so many community members with disabilities and older adults know about this long-time independent living center and trust and rely on Stavros’ advice and support. It’s clear from this letter that Stavros assists families to be successful with REquipment devices. Stavros goes the extra mile.

September 19, 2023

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to recognize the amazing program DME Reuse [REquipment’s website name] and its program coordinator, Hector Lebron. My father suffers from severe spinal stenosis that took the use of his legs. I had been lifting him from a chair into bed. Through Medicare, we placed a request for a Hoyer lift and [power] wheelchair. We qualified only for a manual Hoyer that looked suitable for a small child, and that would have wrenched my father’s back with every twist.

Hector showed up with a brand-new mechanical Hoyer lift. He not only set it up and showed us how to use it, but he also assisted us with finding a [power] wheelchair when he saw us struggling with another method. We have been using the equipment for an entire year, and it has significantly changed my father’s quality of life and, consequently, ours.

Medicare, after six months, denied my Dad’s request for a [power] wheelchair based on the fact that he still had use of his upper extremities. Without this organization and the unbelievable efforts of Hector Lebron and his teammate, Brian, my father would still not have had any mobility, independence, or change of scenery for over a year. Hector has gone above and beyond to provide a new seat cushion, a new Hoyer pad, and assisted when there were malfunctions.

We are forever grateful for this organization and its coordinator carrying out God’s work.


The Shapiro Family

If you know a family struggling to function with inadequate equipment because insurance won’t provide what they need or it’s taking too long to receive, please check our online inventory (frequently). REquipment distributed 122 mechanical lifts in FY22.

Thank you to Hector and Brian for making a huge difference for families in Western Massachusetts!