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How Do We Clean Your DME? We Toss It In The Washing Machine!

By eanderson

July 9, 2018

One of the most important practices for a reuse program is to ensure the equipment made available to the public has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

The REquipment DME Reuse Program takes this very seriously.

A few years ago, the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission invested in the purchase of three HubScrub machines for the program.

A metal box with front door with a glass window that swings outwards. A small electronic control box is mounted on top.
A HubScrub machine.

These machines are like a very large front-loading washer; yet they accommodate manual wheelchairs, tub seats, shower chairs and any non-electric piece of durable medical equipment without tossing it upside down.

HubScrubs also go beyond cleaning just the surface of equipment. They use a germicide and UV lights to kill any bacteria we can’t see.

If you’re impressed by these machines, know that our standards are even higher than what a HubScrub alone can accomplish. For most equipment, our cleaning process involves three stages.

Prior to the use of the HubScrub, REquipment staff use a sanitizing spray and wipe off any obvious dirt and other materials by hand.

A man using power wash equipment on a wheelchair.
Chuck Smith, Cleaner/Technician, at the Worcester DME Reuse site spraying down a manual wheelchair.

After the HubScrub, there is even more inspection and “hand” work to ensure nothing has settled in cracks and crevices or around wheels etc.

Equipment that uses electricity, such as power wheelchairs, scooters and some lifts can’t be put into the HubScrub. These items are entirely cleaned by hand using a manual steamer, cloths, picks, etc.

No piece of equipment is posted as available unless it meets our strict high standards for sanitizing. If it isn’t clean enough for our own family members, it isn’t clean enough to be posted for reuse by REquipment.

Still, we welcome your feedback. If ever you are delivered DME from REquipment that does not meet your high standards for cleanliness, please tell us right away. We will work with our staff to rectify the situation and review our policy and standards so that it won’t happen again.

No “ring around the rollator” on our watch!