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Learn the Power of Your Gift

By eanderson

December 28, 2023

Voices from 2023:

A large heart filled by six statements: "My little boy is wheelchair dependent. I am unable to transport him to appointments or school without a chair that folds. Margaret is a patient in our practice. She is in need of a rollator and insuarnce will not cover it. Jacki is now ready to be discharged from the hospital and move into a group home. However, the rehab facility has lost her wheelchair, and insurance will not pay for another one. Syrian refugee family, stuck in the system, cerebral palsy, no help, Mass Health is messed up. She and her sister both need wheelchairs from which they don't topple over. My father hasn't had a shower in three months. That's why I'm requesting this shower chair. My patient is sharing her mother's walker."

A woman smiling broadly while spraying down a stander in a warehouse.

$500 refurbishes a power wheelchair.
$300 buys batteries for a power wheelchair.
$60 buys a pair of manual wheelchair armrests.
$13 buys a gallon of Simple Green disinfectant.
REquipment, Inc. is a 501(c)3.
Your gift is tax-deductible.

Help REquipment make a difference for a neighbor.

Give to REquipment, Inc.

A little girl smiles and clasps her hands while seated on a two-seater tricycle.