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REquipment Reaches out at DDS Assistive Technology Symposium

By eanderson

April 27, 2017

On April 12th, REquipment had the privilege of attending an assistive technology (AT) symposium held by the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) in its southeast region. The event attracted 250 individuals including DDS staff, AT vendors, and other professionals who came to hear people with disabilities and their AT specialists talk about the positive impact assistive technology has had on their lives.

This was a wonderful opportunity for REquipment to inform and update DME users and the service network in southeastern Massachusetts about REquipment. Roxy Rocker, REquipment Program Coordinator, attended to staff our vendor table and over 80 people stopped to speak with her, take our promotional materials and signup for our newsletter.

A man and woman talking at a vendor table in a conference space.
Roxy Rocker chats with Tom Mercier

Roxy reports, “The people I spoke with were excited to learn we are turning around so much equipment this year and were thoughtful about how our program might serve individuals they know.” She says she enjoyed the event and getting a chance to chat with DDS AT Program Director, Tom Mercier. DDS is one of REquipment’s original reuse partners and hosts our AT reuse center in Worcester.

We look forward to many years of productive collaboration to serve all communities in Massachusetts!