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The Power of Your Enthusiasm!

By eanderson

February 5, 2019

Colorful people figures arranged like a flower.

Throughout the month of January, REquipment went head-to-head with Catie’s Closet for a $1,000 prize sponsored by MillTown Plumbing, a local business that routinely nominates do-gooder organizations like ours to compete via votes cast at their website. Success hinges on the passion of each nonprofit’s community and social media prowess. We are so proud of all of you for engaging in this fun this month, and propelling us to an exciting nail-biting finish! A sample of the messages we received on our Facebook page:

Erin Mosca:
I’ve been voting every day. Thank you for all you do!

Nicole Thebeau:
REquipment, I shared and let everyone know why. Thanks for your help when I needed it most.

Bebe Heasley Packard:
Just voted! What you do is awesome. Sure wish we had this program where I live!

Joyce Hayman-Devolve:
Done… looking good for REquipment. Fingers and toes crossed. Shared

Dianne Young:
Did you win?

Dianne and all who asked: YES!

The final tally was:
6,926 REquipment
5,579 Catie’s Closet

If you’re reading this, likely you were nudged daily to vote by me or another of our dedicated staff or by a friend posting online because we were, well, a tad relentless (don’t worry, it’s over now). Every call I made I asked, “Did you vote today?” Even my mother, who is 94, voted every day on her iPad and cell phone. The first couple of days she called to say she lost the link but then she got the hang of it and “I voted today!” became one of the first things she’d report when I’d call.

We want to extend a big warm-hearted thank you to Catie’s Closet for being such a worthy opponent. Catie’s Closet supports disadvantaged school children and clearly has a loyal passionate following. In the first week, REquipment was way out in front with 80% of votes cast. But then Catie’s Closet came roaring from behind and every day to the end was a frantic dash with each of us repeatedly nosing ahead or dropping behind (we did finally pull way ahead, however!) We would also like to thank MillTown Plumbing for supporting local non-profits through this and future competitions.

How will REquipment use this $1,000, you ask? Why, for new batteries to refurbish power wheelchairs, of course! (Our biggest funding nemesis.) 3 to 4 power chairs will become road ready for community members who need wheels!