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Wanted — Assistive Technology!

By eanderson

June 20, 2023

Coming Soon

Hoo-ray! Starting June 30th, REquipment will begin accepting donations of gently used assistive technology to refurbish for our online inventory.

That’s right,  REquipment is expanding from durable and home medical equipment to a broader range of empowering gadgets and devices.

What is Assistive Technology (AT)?

Any device used by persons with disabilities to better perform functions that are otherwise difficult or impossible. AT improves quality of life, reduces frustration, and bolsters independence and confidence.

What Can I Expect?

We are beginning with soliciting donations of gently used assistive technology for refurbishment. This fall, when our new website launches, we will have AT devices available organized by category. Before then, we may begin to offer AT devices listed under “other” on the current site and inventory. This will depend on the volume and quality of the donations and other factors.

Do you have a device gathering dust when it could serve a Massachusetts neighbor?  For example, AT devices for …


hand-held magnifier.
A hand-held magnifier

Such as watches with alarms, talking clocks, reading pens, and more.


smoke detector with a center strobe light.
a smoke detector with a strobe light

Alerting aids such as vibrating watches, lights for doorbells, and bed shakers …


A Go Talk device with a grid of nine selections for communicating.
A GoTalk communication device

Communication boards and other AAC devices, voice amplifiers …

Daily Living

A reacher grabber tool
A reacher-grabber

Gadgets for cooking, dressing, and grooming: weighted utensils, devices to extend reach, zipper pulls, and shoe horns with extended handles …

Cognitive Support

A pill box.
A pill box organizer

Devices for memory, such as pill boxes, digital recorders, and reminder clocks.

Computer Access

A trackball mouse
Trackball mouse

Ergonomic keyboards, pointers (mice), and laptop stands…

Environmental Adaptation

An echo dot and google home mini
Smart speakers

Portable and threshold ramps, switch or voice-activated devices, door pulls …


A steering knob styled like an eight ball for playing pool.
A steering knob.

Adapted driving equipment and recumbent bicycles …


A beaver toy with a cord for switch activation.
A switch-adapted toy.

Indoor and outdoor adaptive recreation equipment, trikes, switch-adapted toys, card holders …

Our Device Offerings Will Depend on You

Please donate AT gadgets and devices you are no longer using. Together we can make life easier and more satisfying for Massachusetts residents at home, work, school, and in our communities.

Learn more about what we are accepting and not accepting at this time.

Have a device to donate?  Complete the Online Donation Form. Beginning June 30th, you may also call REquipment Customer Support toll-free at (800) 261-9841 or email

Download REquipment’s “AT Coming Soon” outreach flyer to print as hardcopy.

We are excited to fulfill our long-held mission to reuse DME and AT!