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Welcome Dan Perkins, REquipment’s New Donations Coordinator!

By eanderson

May 18, 2018

Dan Perkins is joining the REquipment team and we couldn’t be more delighted! His skills, experience, and, frankly, sense of humor make him a remarkable fit for our Durable Medical Equipment (DME) reuse program. Clearly, he has plotted each of his life’s undertakings as stepping stones to our doorstep and this position…

Dan has thirteen years experience working in the DME and Assistive Technology field. Prior to REquipment, Dan worked as a retail manager with a Complex Rehabilitation Equipment vendor. He has a working knowledge of most of the equipment in our inventory such as standers, gait trainers, mechanical lifts, custom manual and power wheelchairs. He is even a RESNA certified Assistive Technology Professional with experience evaluating, configuring, demonstrating, fitting and programming Complex Rehab Technology.

Additionally, Dan has years of experience in customer care and building and maintaining relationships with and between health-related agencies and service users. He’s also worked as a delivery technician and a facilities manager. We are so pleased to have Dan and his unique skill-set join us.

For his part, Dan says he’s excited to help us build our donation base. He tells us he enjoys working in the DME field because it’s an opportunity to not only build significant personal wealth (tongue firmly planted in cheek here) but also for the satisfaction of helping people and making a difference in the lives of individuals.

Dan lives in Dracut, MA with his wife, 10-year-old grandson and two cats. Welcome Dan!

Dan Perkins head shot